Opportunities for emergency services officers

Opportunities for emergency services officers

If you are thinking about a career in mining, oil or gas as an emergency services officer, you are likely wondering what opportunities for emergency services officers there are before you invest in expensive courses.

You are in luck, there are dozens of vacant positions throughout Australia with private companies and mining companies trying to onboard qualified candidates.

While you can find these jobs from a variety of sources with word of mouth and Seek being popular choices, you should also consider finding out the companies hiring and reaching out to them. In a world filled with overseas engineers and unqualified candidates flooding job adverts, the personal touch of reaching out and asking to speak to the hiring manager can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Current opportunities exist in the normal mining, oil and gas companies, but also for shutdowns. Shutdowns are normally maintenance activities that require a higher level of emergency response coverage for confined spaces, working at heights and medical issues. It is a good way to often gain experience without committing to a longer period and can often be done with a lower level of qualification.

Shutdowns are a good way of entering the emergency response field, as they often require less qualifications or experience to get employment. Typical activities on a shutdown are gas testing, creating or reviewing confined space plans or procedures and standing by to rescue personnel undertaking work in a confined space.

Shutdowns and confined space projects can occur anywhere, from a room under a commercial swimming pool that has maintenance activities being undertaken, to complex multi-million dollar maintenance activities on power stations.

Mining and gas emergency responders, typically working on mining sites such as those mining for coal or other minerals such as gold or diamonds. An emergency services officer or ESO typically will do a range of other activities such as drug and alcohol checks, speed checks and security tasks in addition to their emergency response activities.

If your lucky enough to get on a gas project, then your more likely to be in a role that focuses more on emergency response than an ESO on a gas project.

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