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Kevin Waterman Emergency Management & Response Consultant

Welcome to the online home of Kevin Waterman, a seasoned professional in Emergency Management and Firefighting services, proudly based in Brisbane, Australia. With a distinguished career spanning over 28 years, Kevin has pioneered his way through military firefighting, government fire services, industrial firefighting, and emergency response consultancy.

Kevin is an expert in the dynamic domains of business continuity, emergency response and management, and industrial fire mitigation. He has lent his expertise to federal and state governments, as well as various industries, transforming their emergency preparedness and business continuity strategies. With a proven track record in project managing extensive emergency response initiatives, Kevin has consistently delivered efficient and effective solutions in the face of potential disaster.

This platform provides a unique window into Kevin’s wealth of experience and knowledge. In his blog, he offers insights gleaned from his personal experiences, contributing to the discourse on emergency management, firefighting, business continuity, and safety. A note to remember: the thoughts and views shared here are solely Kevin’s, and may not echo the perspectives of his employers or clients.

Dive in to learn more about Kevin’s exciting journey, his vast field knowledge, and gain a fresh perspective on the vital and challenging world of firefighting and emergency management.