5 Reasons to Attend AFAC 2023

QuikCorp fire appliance shown at AFAC 2023.
Side view of a BHP fire appliance at AFAC 2023

5 Reasons to Attend AFAC 2023 or any Fire Trade Show


Emergency services trade shows hold immense value for professionals in the field. These events provide a unique opportunity to gather and showcase the latest advancements, technologies, and services in emergency response and management. Attending such trade shows allows me to stay updated with the industry’s latest trends and innovations while networking with fellow experts.


The Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC), which is the national council for emergency services in Australia and New Zealand holds a yearly conference and trade show that changes location each year.


AFAC 2023 was held in Brisbane in August 2023, and brought together key stakeholders, and interested parties, along with academic scholars and the latest fire trucks, tools and technologies.


One of the key advantages of these trade shows is the access they provide to a wide range of exhibitors and vendors. From equipment manufacturers to software developers, attendees have the chance to explore a diverse array of products specifically designed for emergency service providers. This enables me to compare different solutions, ask questions directly to knowledgeable representatives, and make informed decisions about which products best suit my organisation’s needs.


Additionally, emergency services trade shows often feature seminars, workshops, and demonstrations conducted by industry leaders. These educational sessions cover various topics such as crisis management strategies, new protocols for disaster response, or emerging technologies like drones or mobile applications.


As an attendee, you can participate in these sessions to enhance your knowledge base and acquire valuable insights from seasoned professionals who have first-hand experience in dealing with emergencies.


Overall, attending emergency services trade shows offers significant value by providing access to cutting-edge products, networking opportunities with industry peers and experts alike, as well as educational sessions that broaden my understanding of current practices in emergency response management. It is an invaluable platform for staying ahead in this dynamic field where every second counts.


The Importance of Emergency Services Trade Shows


Emergency services trade shows play a crucial role in the industry, offering a platform for professionals to come together, exchange knowledge, and showcase the latest advancements.

As an expert in the field, I can confidently state that these events hold significant value and are essential for the growth and development of emergency services.

The 5 reasons to attend AFAC 2023

While there are more than 5 reasons to attend AFAC 2023, or any other emergency services or fire related conference or trade show, the top 5 benefits to attend AFAC 2023 for me were:

1.    Networking Opportunities: Emergency services trade shows such as AFAC provide an invaluable opportunity for professionals to network with like-minded individuals from various sectors. Whether you’re a firefighter, paramedic, or involved in emergency management, these events bring together experts from different backgrounds under one roof. Networking allows for collaboration and sharing of best practices, fostering innovation and improvement within the industry.

2.    Knowledge Sharing: These trade shows serve as a hub of information exchange where participants can attend seminars, workshops, and presentations by industry leaders. From new technologies to emerging trends in emergency response strategies, attendees gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can be directly applied to their work. The ability to learn from experienced professionals ensures continuous professional development within the emergency services community.

3.    Exposure to Cutting-Edge Products: Exhibitions at emergency services trade shows feature an array of products and equipment designed specifically for this sector. From advanced medical devices to innovative firefighting tools, attendees have the opportunity to explore firsthand what’s on offer in terms of technology and solutions. This exposure enables professionals to stay updated with advancements in their respective fields and make informed decisions when it comes to procurement.

4.    Collaboration Opportunities: Trade shows facilitate collaboration between different organisations involved in emergency services provision – including government agencies, non-profit organisations, suppliers, manufacturers – creating opportunities for partnerships that can enhance overall service delivery. By bringing stakeholders together under one roof, these events foster cooperation towards common goals such as improving disaster response capabilities or implementing standardised protocols.

5.    Professional Development: Attending trade shows is not only beneficial for seasoned professionals but also for those starting their careers in emergency services. Students, trainees, and newcomers can gain exposure to the industry, learn about career opportunities, and connect with potential employers or mentors. These events often offer dedicated programs and sessions tailored to the needs of aspiring professionals, providing them with a solid foundation for future growth.

Therefore if you have an interest in emergency services, emergency management or shiny fire trucks, lock in your calendar for AFAC 2024 held in Sydney Australia.


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